Niklas Storm

Born 1970 in Mjölby, Sweden. Lives in Arnebo south of Linköping, Sweden.

Internationally awarded art photographer using the camera as canvas and nature’s shapes and colors as brush. My images are shown in books, exhibitions and on the net.

Runs the company FOTOverket which is a print and framing studio with a focus on Fine Art printing. I aim at providing the best results for photographers who want to deliver high quality prints to their customers.

My own creativity often takes place in nature where I capture landscapes, light, animals, movement and everything else you can find there. It’s not important to catch a specific motive but rather I can express with the photo. Sometimes I catch something as commonplace as the beauty of a place but I also work with complex things as visualizing feelings.

I won’t let nature keep me for itself, instead I often venture into the city to capture people and buildings.

Even if most of my photography takes place in my surroundings I enjoy travelling the world to find new motives. A favorite place is Shanghai and the cities around it where I previously travelled a lot for work. I always brought the camera and in the end it turned into an exhibition.

I have moved from colorful, crisp, sharp photos, easy to enjoy to more dark and complex motives where it’s much about the feelings it invokes in the viewer and that requires an active viewer.

In 2015 I did my first larger exhibition which summarized four years of photography and also resulted in a book. Through the years after that I have done numerous exhibitions and there are more to come.

I enjoy doing assignment where you decide the motive. People and portraits, both for companies and private, as well as weddings are frequent.