Niklas Storm dubbelt prisbelönt i London

av | maj 30, 2024

Vid London Photography Awards 2024 tilldelades Niklas Storm två st honorable mention för bilderna Lookout och White collar. Båda priserna vanns i klassen Black & White Photography – Nature.

Om London Photography Awards 2024:

Going through a successful competition year, the 2024 London Photography Awards now announces the official results for this year’s competition, advocating those who bring ideas to life, with different techniques and creative approaches through the medium of photography. This award recognises individualistic creative vision and the ability to transfer them into phenomenal works of art, presenting itself as a global platform committed to upholding this grand mission.

During this extraordinary competition year, the award has received more than 4,000 entries from over 58 countries globally, including the United States, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Japan, France, Spain, Canada, the Netherlands, and numerous others. This diverse array of submissions showcases significant differences in the approaches to their photographic masterpieces.