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Niklas Storm

Niklas Storm


I’m a photographer and most of all a landscape photographer. But I also do cityscapes, street, people, cats, horses, macro or whatever happen to end up in front of the camera. I like to travel to find my motives. Even if the travel often are as short as to the nearest lake I sometimes to long trips to other exciting parts of the world.

My photos can be bought as framed Fine Art photos, but also in digital form to use in print, on web pages and so on.

I’ve participated in a couple of exhibitions, of which one were a bigger one together with another photographer. At that exhibition I also launched my first own book, I vattnet speglas ljuset (Water reflects the light).

Besides photography I also run a small print and framing business. I print photos, frame them and also sell frames and other material you need to do your own framing. If you’re a photographer I’ll be glad to set up a co-operation to get your photos looking as good as possible.

I also do some web development, always based on WordPress.

Sunrise by the Old House, photo by Niklas Storm


At home

I live in the countryside south of Linköping, Sweden. In my parts of the country the agricultural landscape transforms into a forest landscape with lakes. It’s of course a perfect place for a landscape photographer, with many different kinds of motives.

I visit the lakes southwards often, just as well as the plains to the north.


The World

I like travelling the world. There’s always things to see and of course to catch with the camera.

Cities with their cityscape are frequent motives, but also the nature outside of the city as well as the people.


Through the Gate, photo by Niklas Storm
Autumn Alley, photo by Niklas Storm


Colorful, contrast rich landscapes, often in a panoramic view och preferably with a striking sky. I do that kind of photos often! Whenever there’s a sunset with some nice clouds to give that extra in the photo you can count on me being there to catch it. Sometimes I even manage to get up early in the morning to catch the sunrise.

Usually I catch the grand views, but sometimes I move in a bit closer to get the tiny details.

If you want to show the beauty of a place, contact me!

Use my photos

Since I want my photos to be seen by many I let others use them for free as long as it’s for a non-commercial purpose. Read more about it in the licensing page.

Anemone Nemorosa, photo by Niklas Storm

Social media

I publish a lot of photos and information on different socia media. If you want the latest updates you should follow me there, especially on Facebook.


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