Niklas Storm

Internationally awarded art photographer using the camera as canvas and nature’s shapes and colors as brush. My images are shown in books, exhibitions and on the net.

Runs the art gallery Galleri FOTOverket mainly focusing on photography and the print and framing studio FOTOverket with a focus on Fine Art printing. I aim at providing the best results for photographers who want to deliver high quality prints to their customers.

Lives in the middle of nature south of Linköping, Sweden.

What’s happening?

  • September 2 and onwards. My new exhibition and book Shinrin-yoku is shown at Galleri FOTOverket. Open Saturdays 11 AM to 1 PM.
  • Mid September – end october. The exhibition Skogsbad i skymningslandet (a combination of In the twilight zone and Shinrin-yoku) at Galleri Sander / NP33 in Norrköping.
  • October 10. Artist talk at Linköping’s Photography Club.
  • October 20-22. Spegla Fotografi & Bild. Photography festival in Norrköping. I will be a lot at Galleri Sander / NP33 and also hold an artist talk at Hallarna.
  • November 4. The exhibition Skogsbad i skymningslandet is shown at Vårgårda nature photography festival.


In the twilight zone – bronze in Tokyo

Christmas gift of the year, it turned out to be a bronze medal from Tokyo International Foto Awards 2021 for my book In the twilight zone. This means that the book now has a bronze from Tokyo and a silver from Budapest International Foto Awards 2021. In the book...

Niklas Storm awarded in Budapest

Niklas Storm gets two prizes at Budapest International Foto Awards 2021. The book In the twilight zone gets a silver in the cateogry Book/Nature and the image Corgarff Castle gets an honourable mention in Fine Art/Landscape.

Edsbruk – factory fragments

Edsbruk - factory fragments, the exhibition that was very well received when showed in Edsbruk now takes the next step, to Slottsgården in Vadstena. Edsbruk is an old paper mill. 6 photographers have documented the exciting buildings and the remains of the mill....

Niklas Storm releases the book In the twilight zone

Niklas Storm releases the book In the twilight zone I was department manager at a global corporation when the acquisition of a competitor was announced. We didn’t anticipate the monster that was lurking behind the corner when a year of reorganizations, layoffs and...

In the twilight zone – exhibitions

A reorganization with unexpected consequences, a workshop with a huge impact on my photography, using the camera as a therapy tool, finding new ways of expressing myself through photography, photo competition successes - it all comes together in the photo project...

In the twilight zone – video

The first part of my big project, The twilight zone, has just been released! The video features photos, video and music created all by myself.

Exhibition July 4 – August 15 – Eds Bruk

Eds Bruk is an old mill where the paper mill was once the big employer. Now the factory has been closed and the buildings are falling into disrepair. It's a really exciting environment for photographers that I explored with some photo friends. Our pictures from the...

Exhibition May 1-23 – Foto i Romele

May 1-23 it's time for my next exhibition, this time in beautiful Österlen. Together with 21 other photographers I exhbit in Romele Konsthall south of Veberöd. I will show my Shanghai and thereabout... exhibition. More information can be found at