My Östergötland

I’ve lived in Östergötland all of my life, and it’s natural that my cameras are used a lot here. There’s much beauty in our landscape, and that’s what I want to show with this on-going project.

I’m firmly rooted in our Östergötland soil. My family roots are here as well as my photographic favourites. From Omberg and Vättern in the west to the archipelago in the east, on the wast plains in between and in the forests to the north and south, that’s where I search my motives. Here’s both the grand and the small scale.

The traces of man are almost everywhere, but it’s still the nature I’m capturing, both landscape and animal life. You don’t have to travel the globe to find beauty, it’s just outside your doorstep if you just go out there with open eyes.

Read and see more at the projects dedicated page Mitt Östergötland (Swedish only).