Exhibition July 4 - August 15 - Eds Bruk

Eds Bruk is an old derelict paper mill which I explored with some photography friends. Now we exhibit the photos in the old mill environment.

TIFA 2020 - two bronze medals

In the Tokyo International Foto Awards 2020 my image Curious and the portfolio In the twilight zone got one bronze medal each

Swedish championships nature photography 2020

My photo “Curious”, winner in the mammals category!

In the twilight zone

On-going project about the journey from successful middle manager downwards by hitting the wall and then back up again to run my own business.

The journey is illustrated by nature photos, mostly with animals.

Water reflects the light

My first major exhibition summarized four years of photography. It’s mainly landscapes from nature or the city, always with water and the beautiful light as components.

Shanghai and thereabout...

Nine years of travelling to Shanghai with the camera as companion of course results in a lot of photos, which I turned into an exhibition.


A fantastic workshop in the Shetlands resulted in a photo exhibition.