Summer exhibition – Ugandan portraits

by | Jun 25, 2024

A magical journey started in the southwest corner of Uganda, where Mount Mgahinga is one of the mist covered Virunga mountains. We travelled upwards, following Uganda’s west border, stopping at various national parks and nature reserves. We had close encounters with our nearest relatives, gorillas and schimpanzees, but also with a number of other primated. I brought home a number of good portraits and fantastic memories.

A number of the portraits are now shown in a photo exhibition at Konst & Fika i Edsbruk. Perfect for a summer trip in the  eastern border area of Östergötland and Småland, or if you happen to pass by on the E22.

Grab a fika with waffles and enjoy art by another 5 photographers, 3 painters and 2 doing sculptures!!!

Vernissage saturday july 6 at 13 o’clock with all the artists participating. Mine and some of the other artists works are already in place.

Open every tuesday-sunday from 11-17 during the summer.