Water reflects the light

Four years of intense photography with a focus on beautiful light, preferably in combination with water became a photo exhibition and a book. The photos are mostly from Sweden, with a few from England and China. This was my first major exhibition.

After the original exhibition and book I extended the photo selection with a series of monochrome photos, which completed the movement from colorful to colorless.

There’s always something beatiful in a landscape that can be captured in a photo. From the intimate landscape with a small piece ice in a creek, all the way to the grand view of the Atlantic at sunset. The landscape can be captured all over the world. Even if enjoy doing just that, I often return to the small jetty by the lake at home.

In my photos the light often plays the main character and the water creates a stage where it can perform. Trees, boats, rocks or jettys, they’re all part of the scene but they are not that important, it’s how the light interacts with it all that’s the main purpose.

Wherever I go I usually bring the camera, to far away countries or just the 18 kilometers to work. It usually gives me a lot of spontaneous photos when conditions are right, but most of all it results in planned photos where the goal of the journey is to create images.