Spring walk

by | Dec 28, 2022

The peacock butterfly has been awakened by the warm rays of the spring sun and flutters around in the April evening. On a birch, it shares abundantly flowing sap with ants and flies. As long as I keep my lens at a reasonable distance, it stays put.

To smell the flowers, like Ferdinand. It’s easy to forget that when you’re scrambling to get the best angle. As a photographer, you instead learn how the light falls, at which angle the clear petals stand out best, how to capture the beauty and what can be an exciting background.

The roe buck that comes walking bounces away displeased when he finds me crawling in the grass.

Flowers that were just now in the shade are suddenly in the sun, it is an ever-changing landscape in the small. You can catch the same flower over and over again and still get completely new images.

Half an hour later the buck comes walking again but the strange person is still there. This time, too, he moves away across the sun-warmed clearing, until he has reached a safe distance with a good margin. His barking echoes over the valley as I continue my creativity among the hepaticas.